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giovedì 18 agosto 2011

Gentle massages could lead to happy babies

( Parents who want to ensure that their [tag]newborn baby[/tag] sleeps well through the night, can try giving them a massage. Recent researches indicate that massaging can be as good as rocking and helps in lowering stress levels in infants, helping them to cry less and sleep better. In addition, a good massage promotes and strengthens the bond between the parent and the baby. On the whole, it was concluded that a [tag]gentle massage[/tag] could prove to be a useful technique in improving the ability of newborns to relax and sleep well.
[tag]Infant massages[/tag] are traditionally practiced in parts of Asia and Africa. These days the importance of massages is also being recommended to Parents in antenatal classes. A typical massage involves gently touching the baby’s body (the pressure applied should be as gentle as touching the body with gentle movement of muscles under the skin surface) from head to the toe while simultaneously talking and responding to the baby.
A team of researchers from Warwick Medical School and Institute of Education studied the impact of [tag]baby massages[/tag]. A survey conducted on 598 babies under one year of age, indicated that the babies who were regularly massaged by their parents, cried less, slept better, and had lower levels of Cortisol (the hormone produced in the body in response to stress) in comparison to the babies who were not massaged. Clinical Psychologists have come to the conclusion that the bond between the infant and the parents is increased manifold by any kind of touch, in particular the massages. During later part of the child’s life, it even boosts self esteem and confidence.
In addition to the positive impact of the massages on babies, researches also revealed that it helped young mothers in dealing with [tag]postnatal depression[/tag], as massaging their young ones, had a positive influence on them. (by

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